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All about community - Our donation nominee was awarded $5,000!

Community support has been one of the pillars of organization since our founding over 80 years ago. It started with the orginal Graydons being a part of the Chambers of Commerce and other outreach programs. Our clients and business partners have always been our neighbors and we take great pride this great state of O-H-I-O. 

We were honored when Westfield Insurance, one of the insurance carriers we represent, selected our nomination, the North Royalton Family YMCA, to be the receipient of a $5,000 grant. The YMCA holds the same values as us when it comes to providing a positive impact on the community and it was a pleasure to present them with a check. 

To commemorate the occasion, owners Tim Graydon, Pete Graydon, and Kevin Toole visited the Y to present the check and say a few words. Tim Graydon said the following:

  1. Westfield Insurance has endowed a private foundation that reflects Westfield’s desire to support communities and impact those areas that align with their objectives.
  2. Westfield is devoted to nonprofit partners who help families push through troubled times, guiding them to a better place and a better future. The North Royalton YMCA is doing this through youth fitness, family activities. It is our hope and belief that Westfield’s generous donation will be used to these ends to help families in our area and in so doing strengthening our community.
  3. Family and family values are at the core of Graydon – Toole Insurance Group. Our staff has been working with us for an average of 25 + years and they are family. We strive to promote family as a central point to our day to day approach to protecting the families and businesses we serve.
  4. Graydon – Toole Insurance Group has enjoyed a 65 year business relationship with Westfield Insurance. It was indeed our pleasure to nominate the North Royalton YMCA for a grant from the Westfield Insurance Foundation. Westfield and Graydon – Toole Insurance Group have enjoyed a long, relationship helping the families and businesses throughout North Royalton and Northeast Ohio and look forward to many more years of success together.

Thank you to all who helped make this happen including the YMCA, Mayor Stefanik, and Westfield Insurance!

Read more about the event here:

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